Power Window Repair

Power Window Repair in Cork City

Problems with your power windows can be easily fixed, all you need is the right information. Radcars in Cork on Little Island wants to help you solve these problems as quickly as possible.  Bring your car into our garage placed  Unit 12 Ballytrasna Business Park , Cork, Little Island so that our staff can repair your car windows lifters to have them working like new.

What can be the reason of Power Window Failure?

There are several possible underlying issues that may cause a car lifters power window failure. The problem can be in the Power Window Regulator, Power Window Motor or Power Window Switches. Overheating may also be reason of  damage or fire within the door.

In Radcars we will inspect your power window system for simple and easy-to-fix problems, such as dirty contacts or a faulty switch so you won’t spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t need to be replaced.

Is Power Window Regeneration is cost effective?

New Power windows will cost from €90 to even €200  plus replacement service of €40€50 it is a big expense.
If you are looking power window repair in Cork this can be done in Radcars.
Radcars provides Cork auto services and repair. We are engaged in automotive glass repair lifts all brands of cars and types of elevators.

Your glass fell and won’t close or the window is closed and won’t open?

To change broken windows lifter can be big expense. In Radcars cork auto services company will help you deal with this problem.
We can fix and regenerate window lifters of all brands and types.

Your reconditioning cost is half price of the new.





Full Service

YES-cork-auto-services YES-cork-auto-services YES-cork-auto-services

120 – 180*

2/3 of Service

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1/3 of Service

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*Depending of Car Brand & model